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Product Details:

Some cut fruits, flowers, food, and hot beverages on the market will all rot or become moldy if they are hard to get air or breath in ordinary stretch film packaging because the ordinary stretch film is highly hermetically sealed, the inability to ventilate and dissipate heat produces water vapor, which can damage items. However, a breathable mesh of perforated and stretch film would avoid this problem.

The breathable stretch film not only has the characteristics of the traditional stretch film but also can solve the difficulties of air-tight and water vapor generation, so it is used to package fruits, flowers, meat, hot bottled drinks and so on for several days will not be strong enough to seal and rot or mildew.



Technical Features Machine Rolls
Manual Roll
Length 1420m 500m
Width 500mm 420mm
Average Thickness 23um 8um
Prestretch 250% 30%
Elongation at break 250% 35%
Tensile stress at break 26kg 30kg
Number of holes 13 13
Weight per meter 7.8g 2.25g
Weight per roll 11kg 1.4kg


It is an enhanced stretch film with holes, and the surface has a net-like breathing hole, which can speed up the air circulation, and solve easy-to-receive ripening gas, moisture, mildew or condensation, and many other problems, thus the freshness of food commodities. At the same time, the breath-wrapped reinforced fibers also prevent the rupture of the tensile membrane and provide better load-carrying capacity.

Breathable vented stretch wrap film has the advantages of being lightweight, having good elasticity, 80% air permeability, low packaging cost, etc. It is widely used in food and beverage, dairy products, pet food, petrochemical, pharmaceutical products, agricultural markets, horticultural markets, flower markets and so on.

The perforated stretch film is an enhanced breathable stretching film with a net-like breathing hole on the surface, which can speed up the air circulation and solve many problems such as easy-to-receive ripening gas, dampness, putrefaction, mildew or condensation, etc., to ensure the freshness of food.

breathable stretch film breathable stretch film breathable stretch film breathable stretch film

Advantage of respiratory stretch film

  • It can provide up to 80% air permeability and prevent condensate from damaging the product
  • Applied to hand stretch, semi-automatic or fully automatic machine winding
  • Use less material, reduce the cost of packaging
  • This packaging will be faster and easier than the corner straps
  • The size of the breathing hole can be adjusted
  • No need to replace existing packaging equipment
  • The strength of the package increases
  • Uniform distribution of force to prevent damage to packaging objects
  • 100% recyclable
pre stretch vented stretch wrap film
pre stretch vented stretch wrap film

The Macroperforated stretch film reinforced fibers, unique to the respiratory wrap, also prevent the film from breaking and provide better load-carrying capacity. It is widely used in food and beverage, dairy products, pet food, petrochemical, pharmaceutical products, agricultural products market, horticultural market, flower markets and so on.


Flower Wrap Net

Width: 42-43cm;

Length: 300-500m


pallet wrap netting


Stretch Pallet Net For Vegetable Fruit Plant Flower Packing

Hand rolls(hand grade pallet netting) :

  1.  Rolls:50cm x 750m (30% stretch).
  2. Yield: 950-1000m at the correct tension.
  3. Weight: 3.38 Kg.
  4.  Packing: 6 rolls per carton / 24 cartons per pallet.
  5. Availability: Ask for your free 150m sample roll + application leaflet.

Machine rolls:

  1. These vary in length from 3000m – 6000m.
  2. Stretch from 10% – 75%. Fit on most wrapping machines.
  3. We prefer to match the most suitable grade to each application to achieve optimal results.



  • Fresh products such as Fruit and vegetable packing
  • seedlings, tree and plant nurseries
  • construction materials, bricks, blocks, roof tiles, firewood
  • Beverages in bottles or cans, deep-frozen foods
  • hot fill applications and canneries

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