Analysis of downstream demand for stretch film

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According to the demand structure of wrap film in our country, it is mainly used in industrial packaging, then in homes and supermarkets.

high speed machine with stretch film

| Film for industrial packaging

There are many kinds of industrial products in our country, and the output and export amounts are large, so stretch film is widely used in industry, and the main raw material used is LLDPE. The rapid growth of foreign trade exports led to the rapid development of the packaging industry, especially in assembly packaging, many enterprises use winding film to package their own products.

The wrapping film packaging in our country was used in the export packaging of port goods at the initial stage of development, but because of the high charge, the stretch film packaging was transferred to the factory gradually, that is, the products were packaged in the factory and then shipped to the port for export. A large number of factories generally use winding packaging machine packaging, the amount small general use of manual packaging. After the localization of winding packaging machine, the lower cost makes the rapid transfer of the winding packaging from the port to the factory. Therefore, now the port has little amount of film, but also makes the current stretch film packaging users more, each enterprise small and scattered. Other fields such as grass wrap fresh, household and supermarket membrane growth rates are faster, especially the supermarket membrane.

Business surplus

| Household and supermarket packaging film

The demand for stretch films in our country is increasing year by year. At present, stretch film is widely used in food, vegetable and fruit packaging, so that the packaging is stable, clean, and can play waterproof, dustproof pollution and fresh-keeping role.

With the improvement of living standards of urban and rural residents, the amount of stretch film used in refrigerators of urban residents is also increasing rapidly. In addition, the amount of stretch film used in supermarkets has increased significantly in recent years. At present, LLDPE and LDPE are the primary raw materials for household and supermarket fresh-keeping packaging film, and some enterprises mix a small amount of EVA together to produce.

stretch film types

| Film for agricultural packaging

In our country, the wrap-wrap film was first used in agriculture before 1995. The wrap-wrap film was first tested in Inner Mongolia, and 35 tons of wrap-wrap film were used to preserve 76 tons of grass for 6 months. Since 1998, it has been widely used in Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang.

With the rapid development of animal husbandry in our country, the unceasing adjustment of planting structure, the further implementation of the Western Development Strategy and the gradual implementation of the national ecological construction plan, as well as the pull of the domestic and foreign herbage market demand, the cultivated area is gradually expanding. But the subsequent storage problems are also increasingly prominent. The traditional silage is not ideal because of insufficient density and too much oxygen in straw. With the research on the fermentation and modulation mechanism of silage, the wrapped film silage was invented. The herbage after baling and wrapping can be stored stably for a long time and stored in the field for 1-2 years, so it has considerable social and economic benefits. In the north of our country, a large number of cows and sheep used hay fodder in winter and spring, which was unfavorable to the normal growth of cows and sheep, this greatly improves the quality of feeding and herders’ income. The extensive use of stretch film has also promoted the rapid increase in the demand for stretch film in this region.

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