How to reduce the damage rate of machine stretch film during handling?

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Machine stretch film in handling, a careless mistake, it may lead to stretch film in the use of a pull will be broken phenomenon, there is damage, so in the transport machine with winding film when how to reduce the damage rate? Let me share with you a few things that I hope will help you.

machine stretch wrap film

1. When handling the best winding film for some protective measures, because in time to avoid a collision, there may be a careless situation. It is required to pay attention to protect the edge of the winding film from being bumped, so as to avoid the phenomenon of edge rupture, causing quality problems.

2. When using the stretch film, pay attention to the edges of the cut should be neat and even. In addition, in the transportation process, as far as possible is the tension winding membrane fixed, do not let it roll, in order to reduce the damage in the transportation process.

3. Stretch film has not too many requirements for product packaging, it is suitable for some containers made of glass bottles, and special attention should be paid to the metal bottle quality as well as the metal bottle cap not to be too fast in winding packaging, but it must be taut, or it will be easily damaged in transit. Winding machines and winding film are very suitable for the logistics and transportation industry.

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