How to select suitable machine stretch film?

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The use of winding machines is more and more popular, how to choose the machine with the winding film is a lot of procurement staff want to know and understand one of the issues, the following we come together to understand.

high speed machine with stretch film

The choice of machine winding film is generally divided into two levels, the first level is that it can be used, most of the winding film personnel also stop at the first level, can be used as a more basic function, because the packaging effect is so-so, the relative cost of packaging will also be higher. Generally, these two issues have not been taken into account. One is that the waste of packaging materials in the company is very large. It is far from enough to consider the possibility of use. We need to be able to use it well and use it well while satisfying the packaging can also save costs, which is a well qualified buyer should do, which is the second level, we look at the procurement needs to pay attention to the following points:

1. The cheaper the unit, the better

Although the winding film is priced according to kilograms, it is actually used according to the number of meters when we use it. If a winding film of the same weight can pack 50 products and a kind of packing 100 products, and the unit price is almost, it must be a large number of packaging products with cheap, and our procurement often ignore this point, to put it bluntly, is cost-effective problem

2. Not the thickest fit is the most important

Some winding membrane manufacturers in order to sell some more winding membrane, make the membrane very thick, so the customer’s usage will increase, they will make some more money, and some of our purchasing staff feel the thicker the better, that would be a huge waste for the company

black stretch wrap film

3. Stretch ratio

Why is it said that the drawing ratio is an important parameter? Because the core performance of the machine-used winding film, high drawing ratio winding film means more saving, and energy saving, but the winding film with high drawing ratio must be used in the same drawing ratio pre-drawing winding machine to show its performance better, because only fully stretching winding film can be more economical, its stretching and retracting force can be fully reflected, the goods can be packed more solid, more beautiful appearance

4. retraction

The retraction force of the winding film is a very important technical parameter, and the retraction force is not fully reflected without sufficient stretching, so even if the film is of high quality, it does not show its superiority, so we buy winding film must first understand the winding machine stretching ratio, the two to match up, so as to be able to pack a beautiful product.

handle stretch film

According to the above, we in the purchase of winding membrane to pay special attention to 2.

1. When choosing the winding film, we choose the winding film with a high performance-to-price ratio instead of the winding film with a cheap unit price and look at the price per meter instead of looking at the low price per kilogram. This is a point that is easy to overlook, there is a packaging of the same items to spend less is cost-effective winding film.

2, the firmness of the package is very important, we should choose the machine winding film to match with the winding machine so that the performance of the winding film can best play, there is a greater limit to using the performance of the winding film.

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